Toxic Shame and Leadership

Toxic Shame and Leadership

I bought this book, not for political reasons, but because Donald Trump is probably the most talked about leader in the world and his emotional deprivation in childhood has had an tremendous effect on his life as an adult, which means it brings into the spotlight how our lives can be blighted by our state of nurture.

The bonus of this book is that the author is his niece, Mary Trump, who is a Clinical Psychologist and has had lived experience of his life.

We also have so much evidence now through neuroscience and larger studies about adverse childhood experiences.  Very different times from the 1950’s when John Bowlby talked about Attachment Theory.

I suspect there will be no surprises in this book regarding the subject of toxic shame/stress on behaviour culminating in poor ego strengths, lack of capacity for humility, loss of self (false self) etc.

There are leaders  who are having a detrimental impact on their workforce because of their childhood experiences but the good news is the brain has plasticity and with support and understanding people can change, if they so wish.

If you read this book I would love to hear your feedback.