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Employee personal issues / Mental health

Consultation with employees on health and safety is vital to ensure health and safety is managed effectively.

It requires employers to bring to their attention any issues or concerns that relate to the health, safety, and welfare of all employees.

Consultation helps promote a positive health and safety culture, and ensures that everyone is given an opportunity to influence health and safety policies and procedures.

Without co-operation between employers and employees, the chances of managing health and safety effectively are reduced.

Everyone can be affected if such communication fails, and the chances of things going wrong are increased.

Benefit of Consultation

Sometimes employees feel they cannot disclose to their employer how they are feeling in terms of personal issues or mental health. They may feel shame, embarrassment, fear of being criticised or judged or of losing their job.

I can help you feel empowered in managing delicate situations by helping you gain an understanding of what might be happening within your workforce.   In gaining an understanding you can then be able to take the appropriate action to resolve the issue which is impacting on your business.


Service for Coaches and Mentors

It is important that we all have support in our professional lives. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in helping our clients and feel frustration that they are unable to engage with the process of change.  Clients may not be engaging because of personal or mental health issues.



As a Psychotherapist I can help you identify if there are any issues which may be causing your clients being unable to engage and also to manage any delicate situations which may arise in your work with your clients.   This will help you in finding a way forward in terms of being able to make an informed decision about perhaps further support for your clients.

“Renee has a very high ethical view to her business. While Renee has been my own client, I cannot help but gleen valuable insight from Renee and have found her to be highly trained and a very good listener. I would have no hesitation in recommending Renee for counselling services to business owners, as I believe she would make a dramatic impact to any company that used her services”


1 – 1 Consultation £60 per hour

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