Employee Counselling

Employee Assistance (Counselling)

Typically I provide an employee counselling service.   I hear from anxious business owners that they are looking for ways to reduce sickness and/or to resolve workplace conflict.   Commonly business owners tell me that they suffer from untold loss of time and money due to these issues.   In terms of the statistics for high sickness absence, some business journals certainly show this to be true.

Sometimes business owners tell me they know they should do something to resolve their workplace issues but find researching employee assistance services can be a minefield.   For example, business owners would rather only pay for services used by employees rather than pay a flat rate.

Employee Assistance (Counselling) Bespoke Service

I also offer a bespoke confidential employee counselling service.     I hear from business owners that the employee assistance telephone service they have in place is not suitable for all employees e.g. some employees do not like communicating on the phone but could really benefit from speaking to someone face to face.

Sometimes I hear differently, that business owners run out of the options they have in place, e.g. mediation etc to resolve complex issues of individual employees.   Owners can’t see light at the end of the tunnel and have to seek other help, but having a service tailored to their needs when required can give them peace of mind.     This service for employees can be provided face of face or by telephone.

It is prevalent that situations with some employees, who may require specific support, can escalate and impact on other staff members causing workplace stress and in turn leaving business owners feeling frustrated and anxious.

You might feel it would make sense to meet, usually for about 45-50 minutes, and find we may have some common ground.   If you find that this investment would be of no benefit to your business, or I may not be able to help, then there would be no follow up unless something changes for you.

Cost: £60 for 50 minute session

Mindfulness in the Workplace

I offer two hour workshops to help employees/volunteers to become mindful and reflective about their thoughts, feelings and actions.

I hear from business owners that sometimes it can be frustrating trying to motivate their employees and that employee conflict is prevalent within their workplace.

Commonly, business owners also tell me that they find these issues can impact on productivity and sometimes they feel helpless in knowing how to change this.

My workshop can be the beginning for employees and volunteers to gain insight into their difficulties in working relationships with colleagues, clients, service users and other people in their lives and why they may feel demotivated.

This is an experiential workshop involving two activities.   These activities are not physical, there is no physical contact with other participants or myself and no role play.

Maximum of 6 participants.  Minimum of 4 participants from your organisation

Workshops delivered in a modern and comfortable room within 5 La Belle Place.

Cost: £40 per head                Time: Normally Thursdays 10.00 am  to 12 noon

Please contact me to arrange your workshop or for further information.

Please note there is no lift in the building but I provide a telephone counselling service.

For larger businesses, in partnership with Peninsula EAP service https://www.peninsulagrouplimited.com/